New Hair, Don’t Care? Hairstyle for Spring 2017!

Everyone loves to change up their look dramatically once in a while. And what’s not a better time to do that than the spring?! From spring cleaning, to summer clothes shopping and let’s not forget about all the new life growing around us. Spring is the time we create anew. We are out with the old and in with the new! That goes for that hair of yours too, here are some new adventurous ways, inspired by runaway looks, to recreate your hair.


  • Quirky Accessories

Nothing screams Spring cutie than a delightful little trinket snuggled in those lovely locs of yours! Bring back your inner child for the season.



  • French Fringe Bangs

This is for all the women living on the edge but don’t wanna cut off all their hair. A little rebellious bang that let’s everyone know you mean business and take no bull!



  • Curly Fries (…I Mean Coils!)

This is for the al’natural women who want to flaunt their coils for the spring! Don’t forget to keep those gorgeous twirls moisturized ladies!



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