Decorate Your Fashion with These 4 Beauty Tricks

Does sometimes your outfit feel drab, dull and non-flattering? Are the selfies not coming out how’d you like them, is your friends not giving you any compliments? Is it like no matter what you do, you can’t seem to figure out what it needs. Maybe it’s not your outfit that needs changing but you need to experiment a little more in other departments! Hair and makeup can also make or break an outfit. With these 4 beauty tricks you’ll bound to be the talk of the town!


  • “How Long Is Too Long?”

Not only are nails a girl’s best friend it can also be a savior to your outfit. It can make your outfit pop and give it that dazzle it so rightfully deserves! Not only that but what women doesn’t like to cater to herself once in a while.


  • Alien Abduction 

Whether it’s a night out at the club or trying to contact aliens, we can all appreciate some holographic lips once in a while. It gives us that necessary shine, shimmer and moisture that provides us with the confidence to get through our bummy days.


  • Dark Vader Laser

The most innovative trend to been released since the Ombre affect, laser eye lighter effect! And no, you don’t have to be only a Star Wars fan to try this little baby out. This can make a big hit with friends at a get-together in that new cocktail dress you brought.


  • “Is There Glitter In My Hair?”

The answer is yes, and we are in love. This beauty trick can really put anyone in a mood for a celebration! Why not wear it with those 6 inch platform shoes you said you would never wear? Live a little.


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