Where to Buy Shoes on a Budget


Many people ask me where I get my shoes and how much I spend on them. Well to be completely honest a lot of my shopping has moved from going through the struggle of driving to the mall, weaving through mall traffic and then selecting a shoe from an overcrowded store. Online shopping has been a blessing in disguise because although I love to see the shoe in person and especially try it on, the ease of online shopping is great, plus with just a few tips and tricks you can find great deals as well.  Below is a list of some of my personal favorite places to online shop for great deals and even fresher kicks.



This online store has a great selection at very reasonable prices. What I find great about this store is that it serves as both online and in person shopping. You can find good deals online and then have them shipped either to your house or to a store near you. You can even return shoes or handbags you’ve bought online to any DSW store.



Is a place where you can find virtually anything having to deal with fashion, threads, shoes and accessories. With easy, no-questions-asked returns and excellent customer service full refunds are paid out for returns made up to one year from the purchase date. Although customer service is excellent finding discounts are rare and there is no rewards program. But personally the quality, price and service are all reasonably priced, and are typically much cheaper than at a retailer store. For example I buy my Sperry’s from Zappos because I know they’re authentic and much cheaper than off the Sperry website.

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 9.34.27 AM.png


This solely online store generally posts the best prices, and while there are no exchanges, you can return unworn shoes within 30 days (at your expense) for a full refund. Standard ground shipping is free, two-day shipping costs $15, and $25 buys you delivery in one business day. The rewards program is free to join and distributes points for every dollar spent, netting $10 off once you’ve accumulated 400 points.





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