Makeup Trends For Spring 2017!

Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping and you’re still using old winter trends to do your makeup? STOP IT. Wanna pick up the most recent and popular makeup trends for Spring of 2017 used by various models seen on the runaway? Then look no further! Here we will show you trends that are good for a date look, or how about just right for frolicking in flowers! Let’s spill the tea! 🐸  ☕️


  • BLUSH (… and lots of it!) 

You can never go wrong with a little rose to your cheeks to lighten up your face on a beautiful springy morning, or maybe you take your blush game to the next level to impress that new date of yours!




Girls just wanna have fun in the spring time, right? What isn’t more fun than blinding your friends and family with that new highlighter of yours?



  • and lastly, maybe a little POP OF COLOR!

We all know it’s aesthetically pleasing to accent some color to a look, also it’s Spring so why the hell not?! The more colors the better, you’ll definitely be a head turner for sure!



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