Get Framed!: Big Glasses Trend

You guys remember the big frame glasses that we use to wear in the 80’s as apart of our stylish outfit walking into events, concerts,  and club. Well they are starting to take a turn back into fashion since 2016 with Kim Kardashian then following ther sisters Khloe, Kourtney,  Kylie Jenner and Kenndall Jenner. The queens of the social media. Whether it is to see or protect your eyes from the sun, the big frames are here to say the day.

If you think you glasses are too big and nerdy, well there is a ways you can make then stylish by wearing them with a well put together look. Big frame glasses go with a lot of faces and outfits like watches go with all wrists.

Since everyone is jumping on the big frame glasses — from model, rappers, movie stars, the big entertainment business of singers, starlets and the community around them. It is all about the look when choosing the frame with shape and color, matching your face. But don’t get me wrong, BIG FRAME GLASSES ARE FOR EVERYBODY.

As it trends through cities to states to countries and the social webs; fashion is taking a turn with the facial accessories that is becoming very mainstream. A lot of people are doing it and making there way to stores to purchase a pair.


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