Cropped Pants Taking Over Mainstream Retail?


It’s true that cropped pants are coming back, but also cropped jeans as well is making its way back into the mainstream retail like H&M, Zara and Uniqlo, and when I say cropped jeans I don’t mean high-water pants. I understand cropped pants always have seemed awkward– if you’re petite they look too long and too short if you’re too tall. But with the proper shoes, top and length, you’ll be able to wear cropped pants with some confidence. But it all about how to wear it cut above the ankle–and how much ankle is chic, but its not always obvious especially when the weather is cooler.


You can, you just need to know how… So here you go…

Cropped jeans and pants are easy to wear and help update your look this season. Even if your tall, short, curvy, young or old, straight, have long legs or even petite, YOU CAN STILL PULL IT OFF.



  1.   If you have your own pear of jeans that you want to cut: the crop should be 3 or 4 fingers about the ankle bone.
    1.     These are not capris, high-waters nor peddle pushers, so you want to make sure that its the right length and right for you because you are wearing them.
  2.   The bottom should NOT be skinny, it can be wide, straight or slim fit. 
  3.   Your footwear can make it or beak the look all together.
    1.  Nice stylish shoes make the look a “look” like for instance, Adidas, sandals , stylish flops or for girls you can wear heels. Its about having your own since of style that you throw into it.





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