What Kind of Sneakerhead Are you?

Sneakers are now more popular than ever. The people involved in sneaker culture has never been more diverse as it is now, with participants ranging in size, age, ethnic backgrounds and even social classes. From the uptown hip culture in places like New York, Los Angeles and Philadelphia to the fashion nerds who want to cop the latest and freshest designer ware. Whether you can see yourself in these categories or were just curious as to what modern sneaker culture was all about, hopefully you can get some insight as I break down today’s common shoe nerds.

The Uptown Sneakerhead


This is the guy who came up when Pro Keds and Rebook’s were epitome of inner city fresh kicks. He grew up in a time when sneakers were still being bought from the Model’s or sporting goods shop in the area and remembers a time when Stan Smith’s were primarily tennis shoes. These were really the old heads of the game and without their unique flashy style the sneaker culture we know today wouldn’t be the same.

The Mall Teen Sneakerhead 


Sneaker culture is one that is full of youth and has attracted young people for ages and will continue to do so for years to come. These youth have really learned how to pocket and profit from these sneakers as they wait for releases and will then resell the shoes for MORE than what they paid for. Theres a reason why teens are starting to leave brands like Hollister and Abercrombie for street wear and fitness brands like Adidas and Nike. Sneaker culture and lifestyle wear are now at a joint peak together. These teens often like to hit up stores like Journey’s, Footlocker, Champs, or like to snag shoes off of Nike.com.

The MensWear Sneakerhead


This is the guy who has stocked up on sports coats and nice sweaters around early 2010 and has since learned to embrace and strut casual style. He wears faded jeans with engineered hemlines and rocks Nike free’s or New Balance lifestyle kicks to complete his look. This guy knows how to color coordinate an outfit to fit his shoes, and does so by going with the casual joggers and more extravagent button down. This guy usually likes to shop at Club Monaco, PacSun, J.Crew just to name a few.



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