Swimwear Trends of 2017

As we wrap up the cold winter and chilly temperatures, what could be better than shopping through the latest swimwear trends? Let’s start putting together the perfect swimwear wardrobe for this summer!


The One-Piece Swimsuit

The high cuts on the hips, low plunges at the neck and cut-outs to the sides, lacing all over, halter tops or spaghetti straps are all trending. The one-piece swimsuit has been around for quite some time and for a good reason; they have a great ability to hide imperfections and have a sleek nature.



Swim Toppers

Trying to prevent sunburn? These sporty t-shirt tops are definitely unexpected, but they’re the perfect thing to wear during any time of the day. They are appealing to us even more since they can be worn with any bikini bottom and don’t cling to the body.



Ruffled Swimsuits

A contrast to a lot of styles, these ruffles are a true sign of a more innocent beauty and definitely a show-stealer for trends this summer. The ruffles around the neck on more triangle based tops are fabulous, while the ruffled bikini bottoms are great for a day in the sun. Planning on partying all night long? An off the shoulder swimsuits is the way to go to look ready.



High Waisted Bottoms

High waists have definitely found their way back around for a couple of seasons now, meaning there’s something really fascinating about them. They tend to give ladies a classier effect to the sexy and let them appear more mature. Being able to maintain shape and beauty, but still holding onto the ability to show a decent amount of skin is something that high waists are capable of helping with.



Strings Gone Crazy

We all know and love string bikinis. There’s a new trend that similar, but definitely not the same. These bikini designs have triple to quadruple the strapping that include styles from lingerie looks to wraparound designs that all have vibrant colors.



Wrapping Around

We can’t help but fall in love with these tops with a wrap-around feature. They often flaunt breasts gorgeously, lifting the perfect amount and holding things in place so summer activities don’t have to be a worry. These tops can be seen as halters and straps with beautiful colors and a combo of double and singular pieces.



Hail to the Halter

The use of halter tops swimsuits has been taking over trends in 2017. These more conservative tops have pushed the triangle tops aside and are bringing in a new kind of sexy. Halter tops have been altered to being a little more risqué with crochet cutouts and sheer inserts when matched with a triangle bottom.


Photos courtesy of Zimbio


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