Layers of Style


It is pretty hard to dress nicely for class on cold Spring days.  The cold weather urges you to want to wear sweatpants and sweatshirts every day.  Although it’s acceptable to wear sweats sometimes, I try to make a statement around campus while being warm and comfortable.  My go-to comfortable outfit would be ripped boyfriend jeans, an oversize sweater and platform black boots.  If you’re feeling extra fashionable, you can try dressing it up with patterned tights under the ripped jeans to add warmth and character to your outfit.

Most guys at my school wear athletic clothes. There is a select amount that “dress up” every day.  This guy caught my eye because he had multiple layers on but his outfit still looked slimming.  He started with a plain salmon colored T-shirt and dressed it up with a denim button down shirt and a sweater on top for the perfect combination.  All of the layers in this outfit compliment each other through the color of each piece.  He decided to dress it up a little on the bottom with khaki joggers but kept it casual with white high-top Vans.

As a girl, I could also recreate this outfit for a cute and comfortable boyfriend look.  A cute T-shirtwould be essential incase you have to take the sweater off while in class.  A button down with a collar would add more flare to the outfit.  I would add an oversize gray sweater for the final layer to kick off the “boyfriend” look.  A pair of ripped boyfriend jeans from H&M and comfortable booties would be perfect to top off this outfit.



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