Dressing For Class

DSC_2242Philadelphia University is a huge art school ranging from interior design to fashion design.  Being a design major, you work hard for countless hours with little to no sleep. Waking up at 7 a.m. to get ready for design studio at 8 a.m. rarely happens for me. So what I like to do is pick out my outfit for the day the night before, which usually consists of comfortable jeans and a loose sweater. I tend to go for the natural look with puffy hair and a freshly washed face. It is essential to be comfortable for this four hour class.

This Fashionista nails the design studio look. She is dressed comfortably but stylish at the same time. Her hair is natural, and she has not one bit of makeup on. Usually I don’t pair black with navy blue because I think they clash, but this Fashionista made me change my mind. The oversize turtleneck and the black boyfriend jeans work with each other, creating a quick and trendy look for class.

Ripped boyfriend jeans are becoming an article of clothing that everyone owns. In my opinion, the more destroyed the better. I can rarely find a distressed pair of jeans that fit my thighs. Forever 21 has never disappointed me with the fit of their boyfriend jeans.  Along with an awesome fit, they’re the cheapest around. What more could you ask for? Converse and boyfriend jeans compliment each other very well, going from baggy jeans to slimming shoes. Converse are easy to pair with any color and can make an outfit trendy while being comfortable. To top off the outfit is an oversize turtleneck that screams comfort.DSC_2239


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